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Getting your License

Obtaining the marriage license seems to be the top questions of the couples I speak with. Many think it is an overwhelming process and do not know where to begin. Never fear! Obtaining a license is actually a straight forward and simple process.


Here we go! 

Step 1. Contact the town clerks office in the town where your marriage will occur and make an appointment. (If you are getting married at the Water View in Monroe, you're going to call the Town of Monroe Clerk's office.) 

Step 2. Show up to the appointment with yourselves, your CT marriage license worksheet (application) and your valid, picture ID. 

Step 3. Give your license to the officiant. 


Your officiant will sign your license after performing your ceremony and will then sign and return the document to the Town Clerk. If you need an official copy of your license, you will request this from the Town Clerk.  

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